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Key Tips to Know When Bow Hunting Turkeys

4 Bow Hunting Turkey Tips FEATURE PHOTO | The Virtue TV Spring is a magical time of year. The snow is gone, temperatures are rising, and there’s that fresh smell in the air. As if those things weren’t enough, you suddenly hear a gobble which solidifies that Spring is here and it’s just about time to get into the turkey woods. Turkey hunting presents several […]

Tips to Guide Your Turkey Bow Practice

Bow Hunting Turkey Practice Tips Feature: The Virtue TV The majority of whitetail bow hunters idealize a turkey hunt with a bow. However, the actual number of archers that follow through with this goal is significantly reduced once spring arrives. The lure of toting spurs and a fan over the shoulder is what usually pulls […]

4 Post Season Scouting Tips for the Serious Bow Hunter

Post Season Scouting Tips for Bow Hunting Has your season just ended? Then it’s the perfect time to prepare for your next hunt.  Post season scouting starts for any serious bow hunter as soon as the season ends. This is the time of year to roam your hunting land, investigate new properties, and start developing a productive plan for next season’s bow hunting. Below we highlight four tasks […]

Tuning Lighted Arrow Nocks | Nock Out® Lighted Nocks 

Nock Out® Lighted Nocks | Tuning and Installing Lighted Nocks Bow hunters have a responsibility to be as efficient and ethical as possible. This means making sure your equipment is tuned before the hunt. You wouldn’t shoot at a game animal without first making sure your new broadheads hit their mark, right?  The same can be said about installing lighted nocks […]

Lighted Nocks | Legal for Bow Hunting Except One State

Lighted Nocks | Legal Status, Controversy, and the Debate Feature Photo: John Arman Lighted nocks were introduced to archers in 2002, but the innovations’ popularity didn’t automatically take off as a bow hunting favorite. There was controversy from the beginning that the addition of this new technological innovation constituted a violation of the Pope and Young Club By-laws of the principle of fair chase. The Pope and Young Club coined a standard ethical term of hunting as “Fair Chase,” […]